S4 – Straightforward, Service, Savings & Solutions
About Us

S4 – Straightforward, Service, Savings & Solutions

Our goal is to establish a close customer relationship that offers innovative solutions, with the highest quality service, at a very competitive cost.

Main Sail publishes our tactics right in our logo. We call it our S4 philosophy:

Straightforward            Service              Savings                 Solutions

Straightforward – We strive to be specific and to the point. We abhore technospeak and attempt to address business issues with a common sense approach using basic English. We are honest about our capabilities, and if we can’t help, we come right out and say so.

Service – We strive for excellence in every stage of our operation.

Savings – We are cost conscious and strive to provide a value to our clients. Our overhead is low, and we pass the associated savings on to our clients.

Solutions – At the end of the day, this is what we deliver. We understand you hire consultants to solve problems and deliver results. We believe we have to earn the right to come back every single day of our assignment.