Department Of Defense – Financial Process Transformation Support

Department Of Defense – Financial Process Transformation Support

Federal Financial Process Transformation Support

Project Description: Supported a U.S. DoD client in its efforts to transform DOD’s business practices specifically in regards to the ERP projects at each of the Military Services and Defense Agencies. Specific areas of support ranged from intergovernmental transactions, disbursing and cash reporting, metrics, funds distribution, Standard Financial Information Structure (SFIS) and Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness support.

CorpEx Summary: A U.S. DoD client was charged with developing a clear vision on transforming DoD financial management practices in conformance with the “Six S’s of Success” guiding principles which are the bedrock of transforming DoD’s business processes. These include insuring Strategic Alignment by simplifying, streamlining, stovepipe elimination, systems and services, and standardizing. Main Sail personnel provided insight to current DoD accounting and finance practices, as well as supporting development of transformational ideas for business processes. Main Sail was responsible for providing expert guidance to the U.S. DoD client on transformational changes needed for disbursing, cash reporting, metrics, intergovernmental transactions, funds distribution and Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness efforts. An assessment of cash distribution processes and associated reporting with transitioning all DoD disbursing support to the U.S. Treasury was provided. Metrics were developed associated with key end-to-end (E2E) processes to guide successful ERP development and implementation. Overview descriptions, process flows and narratives to describe key E2Es processes primarily affecting financial management, including Procure to Pay (P2P), Order to Cash (O2C) and Budget to Report (B2R) were developed.

Main Sail supported the US DoD Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) Directorate with deep dive assessments of the ERPs progress towards improving audit readiness within DOD beginning with the US DoD clients General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) and the DoD clients Defense Agency Initiative (DAI). Main Sail assessed the Standard Financial Information Structure (SFIS) compliance in support of Intergovernmental Transactions within the Intergovernmental Value Added Network (IVAN) and the DoD Supply Chain Processes for the O2C and P2P end to end processes and evaluated the US DoD client’s cash deposit and associated reporting processes.

Main Sail also provided insight on current financial management practices within the Military Services and the Defense Agencies, particularly on the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS). Our Subject Matter Expert (SME) provided a wealth of information regarding the U.S. DoD client’s directorates on inventory accounting, Operating Material and Supplies (OM&S), Foreign Military Sales, and funds control in support of DoD client’s effort.

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