Infrastructure Deployment Services Provider

Infrastructure Deployment Services Provider

Account Overview

This company was founded in 1999 to provide site development services to the wireless telecommunications industry.  They were launched as an affiliate organization to provide additional real estate acquisition and zoning solutions focused on project management that achieves quality results.  They built their reputation on the ability to think ahead, to produce not just a deliverable, but also sustainable asset.  They are focused on creating long-term partnerships.

We focused on providing assistance on multiple different projects with the following technical competencies:

  • Sustained support for VMWare virtual infrastructure farm
  • Migration and deployment of company assigned equipment
  • Partnership with Remote Management Services (field support services)
  • Trend Micro Hosted E-Mail Security
  • Upgrade Symantec Backup Exec to V.2014
  • Move Company offices to new office location
  • Setup, migrate, and deploy SonicWall wireless access points with new SonicWall Firewall
  • Setup, installation of one Dell 7048P Managed Switch for SonicWall wireless network
  • Replaced aged HP Switch with configured on 10.x.x.x network Second Dell 7048 Managed switch
  • Setup, Installation, and deployment of Deltek BMS Software
  • Setup, installation, and deployment of Symantec Enterprise Vault
  • Setup and deploy VPN access for SureSite employees (field users) of corporate office
  • Voice and Data deployment, and support of enhanced communication – Verticals Wave View Point Mobile phone application software


Assigned Tasks

We were contracted by the client with a business requirement to assist with deployment of Information Technology changes and deployments.  The project involved approximately 50 users.  We were contracted to:

  • Develop the project plan for multiple deployments or migrations
  • Maintain the server configuration specs for the server(s) that were needed
  • Maintain and support the outside growth of organization for field assigned electronic equipment – RMM and Virus protection monitoring
  • Email server redirected retention for unexpected outages
  • Business Process Management – Deltek
  • Establish Open license procurement for Microsoft and Adobe software
  • Integrate security firewall and wireless solutions
  • Migrate/Integrate SSL certificates
  • Integrate Tablet/Cell phones

Over a six month period, the assigned technical team successfully completed these steps of the defined of enhancements and/or upgrades.

The project successfully accomplished the defined goals and the project was completed with a schedule extension approved by the client, reflective of the original budget.  Customer satisfaction was high.

The client tasked us with assisting Exchange 2013 migration with Symantec Enterprise Vault email archiving for local, field email redundancy, and archiving email retention from computer equipment.  Defined performance requirements included:

  • Develop the project plan for the integration/migration
  • Purchase, design, and configure application(s) for archival repository
  • Develop the server configuration specifications for the required server(s)
  • Set-up Active Directory and Exchange 2013 environment
  • Migrate the SSL certificates to required server(s)

This project was completed over the course of three months in which we mentored the client on how to accomplish a majority of the user mailbox migration between their initial systems (Exchange 2013).

We continue to focus on providing the company with features that improve operational efficiencies through the utilization of new techniques, but also to ensure that they can effectively use and maintain the new, installed systems that include:  servers, software, and applicatio​ns.

Other Examples Of Our Work