Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing Company

Account Overview

This company was founded in 1971 by an engineer in Cleveland, Ohio. Fabricated wire rope assemblies and fittings were provided to rigging shops, hoist manufacturers and custom fabricators. Today this is the leading the company to greater capability through state-of-art machining and manufacturing processes.

Main Sail provided assistance on multiple different projects; for this project centered around our strengths as business processes engineering.


We were contracted by the client in February of 2010, with a business requirement to help their organization implement ISO 9001-2008 for their organization. The project involved approximately 50 users at the company.   We were contracted to:

  • Develop a plan to implement the ISO9001 2008 standards
  • Conduct training sessions on the value of ISO9001
  • Determine that the ISO9001 will need to be “with design”
  • Setup a schedule for the initial plan
  • Setup bi-weekly meetings for the client
  • Review the options for Registration with a Registrar
  • Develop training material for all employees
  • Conduct an internal audit
  • Setup SharePoint directories to store information
  • Prepare for the registrar
  • Assist through the initial audit

Over a six month time period, the assigned technical team successfully completed these steps of the defined implementation. The project successfully accomplished the defined goals and the project was completed with a schedule extension approved by the client, reflective of the original budget.   Customer satisfaction was high.

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