How We Do It
Employer Of Record

How We Do It

Minimal Service Fee

We charge a minimal service fee equal to a small percentage of collected revenues. This fee is considerably lower than the typical costs associated with self-employment. This fee includes:

  • Comprehensive back office support
  • Contract administration
  • Invoicing
  • Expense tracking
  • Payrolling
  • Collections
  • Individual support

As well as access to:

  • Group insurance benefits
  • A pre-tax 401k plan
  • Liability protection
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Life insurance


Rewards Program

We offer a generous referral rewards program that can more than offset the small fee. For every friend or colleague you refer to Main Sail’s Employer of Record program, you can earn a 1% referral rebate on the revenues they generate. Refer just a handful of professionals and you could end up receiving this service for free – and potentially earn additional commissions!

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