How You Benefit
Employer Of Record

How You Benefit

We Give You a Platform to be an Entrepreneur

We let you be an independent without the day-to-day hassles weighing you down. Our comprehensive back office support takes care of the little tasks that add up to a big distraction so you can focus on what you love – consulting with your clients.

Get the freedom of self-employment plus the benefits of corporate employment – click here to learn more about the best of both worlds.

Save Time & Moneytimemoney

We know you enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working independently, but probably don’t love the tedious administrative tasks that come along with that independence. With Main Sail’s Employer of Record program, we are your administrative assistant, your contract administrator, and your protection from non-billable distractions. We will vouch for you, simplify your taxes and invoicing, and help you maximize your earning potential.

The minimal service fee easily pays for itself in terms of savings on group benefits, tax-advantaged earnings, administrative and contract support, security, and peace of mind. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges – full disclosure means you will always know where you stand.

We also offer a generous referral rewards program that can more than offset the small fee. For every friend or colleague you refer, you will earn a 1% referral rebate on the revenue they generate. With a handful of referrals, you could receive our service for free and earn additional money.

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