Program & Project Management

Program management is “the process of managing several related projects, often with the intention of improving an organization’s performance”.

There are two different views of how programs differ from projects. The first view is that projects produce output, small parts that make up the whole, whereas programs create outcomes, the impact of completing something. The other view is that programs are just a large project or a group of projects.

The project manager is concerned with making sure their project succeeds and that it is done right. On the other hand the program manager is primarily concerned with doing the right projects and keeping the big picture in mind.

To achieve maximum benefits, there must be an integration of both these parts into a whole. Whether this integration is managed by something that is called a project or a program is of little importance to understanding the benefits and managing the process of integration well.

At Main Sail, our Program and Project Management team provides services and tools to clients tasked with delivering multiple large projects and/or managing large teams of resources. We have expertise in the follow program and project management areas:

– Program Management Office (PMO)
– Governance of Information Technology
– International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
– Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)
– Managed Service Provider (MSP)
– Vendor Management Systems (VMS)

If your company needs help with managing projects or teams of resources then you need to contact us. We would be happy to evaluate your program and project management needs and provide you with the best solution.

Examples Of Our Work In Program And Project Management

US Navy ERP Single Supply Solution (SSS)

US Navy Ship Management and Logistics Support Information Systems (SMLIS)

TSA Security Equipment Systems Integration Support (SESI)

US Navy Financial Management (FIP)

US Marine Corps Hazardous Substance Management System (HSMS)

US Navy ERP Financial Process Improvement and Audit Readiness