RFID & Bar Coding Solutions
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RFID & Bar Coding Solutions

At Main Sail, our RFID specialists provide expertise and functional knowledge in the utilization of radio frequency technology in a variety of environments.

Learn how  – mobility, RFID and cloud based enterprise solutions can improve your supply chain.

Benefits of an Enterprise RFID and  Wireless Mobility  Architecture

  • No servers on site—its all in the “cloud
  • Remotely managed from a single location
  • Only RFID reporters, wireless handhelds  and printers at sites—minimum IT footprint
  • Don’t touch the existing networks
  • Installs in days—not months or . . .
  • RFID and mobile handhelds can be inserted into any site to track arrivals, departures. in-building moves or changes —regardless of AIS
  • Secure, IA and GIG Waiver approved, uses cellular or 802.11
  • Server directs transactions to any legacy or ERP system
  • Manages all RFID hardware—globally
  • Sends Asset Visibility to DOD enterprise
  • Standardizes enterprise business processes
  • Allows technology to be inserted easily into both older legacy and newer ERP systems
  • Global KPI and Business Process monitoring
  • Management alerts and notifications by SMS, email or local alarms activations

We would be happy to provide you additional information:

Jack Rhyne, Senior Solutions Architect, jrhyne@mainsailgroup.com or 440.781.3866

Steve Urso, Senior VP, Public Sector, surso@mainsailgroup.com or 757.377.0991