TSA Establishment Of Regional Enrollment Centers Nationwide and Overseas (TWIC)

TSA Establishment Of Regional Enrollment Centers Nationwide and Overseas (TWIC)

Main Sail was contracted to locate, lease, outfit and provide maintenance of office space and infrastructure services for enrollment centers across the continental USA, offshore territories, and possessions.

The client contracted with Main Sail as a means to support their efforts on an international program by establishing and maintaining Enrollment Centers with office space and personnel.

Main Sail established a Program Management Office (PMO) to manage the sites from the start of the contract through the life of the program.  The PMO was responsible for assigning all Site Implementers (SI) to a location, for all contract management with all vendors for the facilities, for coordinating all facility management needs, for tracking all facility cost, for ensuring facility services were completed by vendors, and for making payments for all facility services.

Specific challenges associated with this project included the ability to quickly locate and lease cost effective office space near designated areas. It was not unusual to be requested to find a site and have it ready for business in less than one month. This short schedule would include locating a suitable office space, gaining approval for the site through the client’s approval chain, getting the lease in place, and establishing service for internet, telephone and other required utilities and services if they were not provided by the landlord. Occasionally Main Sail would have to contact and interact with local municipalities to obtain inspections from the fire marshal and or building inspectors and obtain a certificate of occupancy in order to have utilities connected.  Main Sail always exceeded the customer’s expectation by finding excellent office space at a fair rate in a very short period of time. In one case Main Sail found, leased and set up all required utilities and services for a temporary location in less than a week over the Christmas / New Year holiday period. In another case Main Sail was able to find and lease an office in less than a week at a relatively remote area in Alaska when the current site was damaged due to bad weather and was no longer useable.  Additional challenges in this process included tracking and paying rent, utilities, janitorial services, bottled water service, parking lots and portapotty service, and arranging for repairs and utility service calls for more than 30 enrollment centers.

Main Sail’s ability to quickly find excellent office sites at very reasonable rates were due to our lean organizational structure. Using experienced senior personnel as SI’s on an as-needed part time basis, Main Sail was able to quickly send an SI out to the area to perform a personal survey rather than rely on agents or brokers.  Quite often our SI’s were able to find sites that were not advertised or available to agents or brokers.  Main Sail SI’s were often able to speak directly with the property owners. By cutting out the middle man, Main Sail SI’s were often able to negotiate leases at a rate below the market average for that area.  In addition, building a personal relationship with the owner / landlord paid dividends with follow up business transactions, such as better response times to maintenance requests and very favorable renewal terms.

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