TSA Security Equipment Systems Integration Support (SESI)

TSA Security Equipment Systems Integration Support (SESI)

Main Sail is supporting the TSA by providing Security Equipment (SE) integration and evaluation services. The agency counters threats to security with technologies and procedures that will prevent, deter, or render ineffective any attempt to sabotage transportation. The agency collaborates with other department agencies in the development and deployment of cutting edge SE, then assumes primary responsibility for the capability development and demonstration phase, and all subsequent phases including installation and operation. Main Sail provides support in the program management of the installation, operation and retirement phases of the SE.

The program is responsible for the deployment of security technology equipment to ensure:

1. New technologies are deployed as they become available.

2. Old technologies are removed from service when they are at the end of their life cycle and

3. Systems are relocated as necessary to meet security needs.

To support these responsibilities, The Main Sail Team supports all activities associated with and necessary to manage installation, integration, sustainment, removal and site restoration for all SE. This includes all site preparation, restoration, and logistics activities to facilitate the ability to install, integrate, relocate and remove all SE when directed by the agency. Scope areas include:

• Site planning

• Site preparation

• Deployment activities

• On-site support for field experiments and Test and Evaluation

• Management of Government Furnished equipment including Rigging and Shipping

• On site equipment Validation and Verification

• Project completion and closeout

For each specified site, all necessary designs, approvals, permits, authorizations, etc. are required for providing utilities (heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, and power) for the SE installation. Frequently, the agency has the need to remove, prepare for deployment, and redeployment of SE in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws, and OEM procedures. Additionally, the agency frequently requires emergency quick turn-around requirements, shipping of minor ancillary type items, abatement of hazardous materials, and Architecture and Engineering support while supporting these additional goals:

• Minimize disruptions to normal passenger circulation and airport activities

• Accommodate passenger and baggage queuing and space requirements

• Accommodate site geometric, structural, and other constraints

• Minimize equipment acquisition and facilities modification costs

• Minimize staffing, operations and maintenance costs

• Minimize installation impacts to ongoing operations

• Provision for future expansion and upgrade of equipment and facilities

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