US Marine Corps Hazardous Substance Management System (HSMS)

US Marine Corps Hazardous Substance Management System (HSMS)

Hazardous Material Management Program Support

Project Description: Our US DoD client’s Hazardous Material Management Program (HMMP) is focused on meeting requirements mandated in Executive Order (EO) 13423 (Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management) by supporting full and sustained compliance with environmental requirements at the lowest feasible life cycle cost.  The EO, Federal laws, and agency directives mandate pollution prevention mitigation measures and reductions in hazardous material usage and hazardous waste disposal.  Additionally, elements of the program provide measures that protect personnel from the hazards associated with the use of such materials.  The HMMP is the agencies solution to managing the procurement, storage, use, and disposal of hazardous materials.  This program allows for a reduction in the quantities of materials purchased, thus reducing hazardous waste disposal costs; better shelf-life management (which also reduces hazardous waste disposal costs); and the data collected and developed by the Hazardous Substance Management System (HSMS) and the Regional Hazardous Inventory Control System (RHICS) provide management oversight and environmental reporting capability.

CorpEx Summary: As the Hazardous Material Program Manager, Main Sail provides HSMS and RHICS implementation and system maintenance support to our US DoD client.  We supported the development and execution of inventory management procedures, HM storage principles, Hazardous Materials Information Resource System (HMIRS), Federal Logistics Data (FEDLOG), Crystal Reports, HSMS, and RHICS, including program management and oversight.  Main Sail managed the HSMS/Hazmat program, physically visiting work centers to ensure compliance with Virtual Pharmacy procedures and hazmat management policies.  Currently, a total of 190 work centers are actively reporting.

Main Sail assisted in the development of the HMMP web site residing on the station IIS server, utilized by all MCB personnel and Tenants for hazmat usage reporting all hazmat related info.  We developed and refined ad-hoc reports to provide data used by the Air Program for compliance reporting, and the P2 program for EPCRA/EPA reporting.  We scanned all available MSDS to the HSMS system, creating an MSDS database.  Additionally we manage and maintain the station Authorized Usage List (AUL) and manage all aspects of the HSMS system.  Due to infrastructure constraints related to the stand-up of the Navy and Marine Corp Intranet (NMCI), Main Sail drafted and was granted a base security order to run the HSMS system and HMMP web site on a legacy server under the base IS department.

Through an aggressive work center inspection effort, Main Sail identified abandoned hazmat at station activities and turned it in as waste.  Additionally, we established a program to reissue material turned in as excess which generated significant cost savings for base tenants.

Main Sail operated the beta test version of RHICS 2.0 from the system owner’s web site to introduce our client to an alternative to HSMS.  We managed and maintained the HMMP web site, utilizing Microsoft Front Page, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Visio, updating as required.

Our work includes but is not limited to the following:

·       Development of various data entry policies to protect the integrity of the database

·       Back up the database on a regular basis

·       Issuance and maintenance of system passwords

·       Management of user access privileges

·       Development of ad-hoc reports using Crystal Reports

·       Production of HSMS and ad-hoc reports.

·       Management of Engineering Change Proposals.

·       Conduct repairs to bad data in the database.

·       Troubleshoot HSMS software problems.

·       Maintenance of database quality assurance

·       Input of HSMS data to support virtual pharmacy

·       Providing assistance to the system administrator in troubleshooting hardware and network problems associated with HSMS.

·       Facilitating data flow between HSMS and legacy systems

·       Extracting useful data from the HSMS database to assist in complying with local, state, and federal reporting requirements.

·       Management of pre-existing website.

·       Refinement of database, website, and business practices to further facilitate customer support and virtual pharmacy efforts.

·       Updating in HSMS the receipt tables, the disposition tables, the NSN tables, the MSDS tables, the Master AUL/Inventory tables, the Site Specific Process tables, and the Change Expiration Date tables.

·       MSDS research

·       Material bar-coding

In a continuous effort to nurture the growing success of the program with base tenants, Main Sail physically visited all work centers on a regular basis to encourage compliance with Virtual Pharmacy procedures.  We conducted weekly work center inspections resulting in greater work center compliance and participation.  We assisted in the development of the Hazardous Materials Management Program base order which will garner additional participation by base tenants, and increase the number of work centers in full compliance with hazardous material management programs.

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