US Navy Fleet Readiness Enterprise (FRE)

US Navy Fleet Readiness Enterprise (FRE)

The US Navy Fleet Readiness Enterprise (FRE) initiated a readiness program to integrate activities of warfighting enterprises, the training domain, supporting/enabler provider domains, and resource sponsors to optimize cost effective delivery of operational forces ready for tasking by component commanders to support combatant commanders worldwide. The Enterprise vision is about embracing and accelerating a transformation as a means of forging a path to an affordable future while sustaining a combat ready force today.

Main Sail assisted in implementing enterprise governance mechanisms, business management processes, and in reengineering core functions across the Enterprise.

Main Sail has specifically providing Subject Matter Experts in three performance work areas—process management; data collection, analysis, and metric development; and information management support at multiple client sites across the country. Main Sail Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) included retired senior military leadership SME’s supporting leadership as Staff Action Officers and analysis SME’s at commands and field activities.

Main Sail’s Process Management support provided through Action Officer Support focused mainly on the E (equipment) pillar. Equipment is one of the five pillars that make up PESTO (Personnel, Equipment, Supply, Training, and Ordnance). In executing the process management tasking, Main Sail’s objectives were to: 1) be a key enabler supporting senior leadership in optimizing major weapons system platforms material readiness and reduce life cycle costs across the 50 year service life; 2) form, mentor, and facilitate Cross-Functional Teams in key functional areas and critical support areas; and 3) produce consolidated Maintenance availability (Ao) and cost metrics.

Main Sails Data Collection, Analysis and Metrics development support provided through SME Analysts. In executing this tasking, Main Sail’s objective was to develop and measure the right metrics at the right organizational level, tie them to the Enterprise’s top-level metrics and show results. This objective is achieved by implementing proper metrics in order to show results; developing reports that include trends, anomalies, and projections; and identifying gaps and recommending corrective actions for barrier removal teams to address.

Main Sail also provided Information Management support. In executing this tasking, Main Sail’s supported Enterprise behavior and cultural change across dispersed staffs with a large span of control. This objective was achieved by the use of information management tools that assist in discovery, cataloguing, publishing, accessing, and controlling enterprise information. After analyzing the existing processes and workflow, the team migrated and automated much of their day-to-day enterprise resources to the web, built in Microsoft’s SharePoint environment. This empowered users to modify their online resources as needed through the rapid design and deployment of task-specific modules with no prior programming knowledge.

The Main Sail team implemented process changes that enabled them to conduct collaborative information sharing events online, saving resources and improving organization. Additionally, the team constructed tools for managing and following action items, as well as visually tracking Annual Plan & Strategic Plan progress in real time, a previously lengthy bi-annual process. The team automated organization chart creation and maintenance, and at the request of Headquarters, alignment with the enterprise Activity Manning Document (AMD) for the first time. This provided a previously unavailable view of resource allocation, eliminating not only staff role duplication but also enabling future planning and a significant reduction in man-hours expended by the personnel office.

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