Main Sail’s Solutions Offering

Main Sail helps organizations evaluate business issues and develop and implement solutions. We provide expertise in Business Process Management, Program and Project Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Systems Engineering and Integration, Program Resourcing, Intelligent Enterprise, and IT Managed Services.

Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Main Sail helps businesses evaluate business issues and develop and implement solutions through Business Process Management (BPM), which is defined as the application of both methodology and technology to optimize business processes for achieving enterprise goals. In an era of rapidly changing environments, BPM is emerging as an essential enterprise-wide discipline that significantly improves management’s capability to react quickly to events that impact the business.

Benefits of BPM

Some of the benefits managers and leaders can expect to realize from BPM are:

  • Agility and ability to quickly respond to business challenges and opportunities
  • Improved risk management through increased compliance and transparency
  • Responsive customer focus through lean processes and automation
  • Process visibility, consistency and repeatability which reduces errors and miscommunication
  • Elimination of silos and process disconnects to drive greater collaboration

Main Sail’s experienced BPM practitioners combine BPM best practice approaches to process modeling, analysis, design, performance management and transformation with supporting BPM technologies to improve how organizations operate and plan strategically for the future. We utilize internationally recognized BPM bodies of knowledge and are not bound to any singular methodology or IT solution, but rather will seek a deep understanding of an organization’s unique business issues and recommend and apply a tailored mix of process methodologies and IT solutions to produce desired outcomes.

Program and Project Management

Program & Project Management

Main Sail applies proven and standardized Program and Project Management tools in concert with rigorous change management processes to fuel the success of organizations in managing multiple projects, and navigating complex activities that span functions, customers, and product lines.

Our seasoned practitioners are certified and experienced in project management methodologies that integrate globally accepted best practices with business-specific processes and techniques across both public and private industry. This includes a wide spectrum of value delivery approaches – predictive, iterative, incremental, agile, hybrid, theory of constraints, critical chain, and next generation paradigms.

We assist our clients in applying these approaches to:

  • Project Management Office Establishment
  • ERP (SAP, Infor, Oracle, etc.) Implementation
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Organizational Change
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Software and Application Development
  • IT System Development Lifecycle Management
  • Equipment Lifecycle Management
  • Vendor Management Systems

We believe organizational and project attributes drive selection of suitable value delivery approaches that make the best use of time, talent and budget. We assess a business’ environment and adapt methodologies to deliver optimal solutions to business needs.

As the industry continues to grow and evolve, we remain in lockstep with internationally recognized bodies of knowledge like PMBOK® and BABOK®, and with the mandates that U.S. federal agencies are required to operate under in the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act of 2015.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Main Sail’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) teams specialize in the functional design and enhancement of complex software throughout the organization. We utilize many of the industry standard programs, including, but not limited to:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • PeopleSoft
  • J.D. Edwards
  • ERP-Based Manufacturing Solutions
Systems Engineering and Integration

Systems Engineering & Integration

Main Sail provides system engineering and integration solutions that combine system subcomponents to form complete system configurations that ensure cross-functionality and efficiency. We not only work on the design process but can also provide the necessary implementation support to accomplish complex integrations.

Our system integration engineers specialize in providing complete solutions in the following areas:

  • Microsoft Architecture
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Radio-Frequency Identification
  • Virtualization
  • Custom Software Development
  • Enterprise and System Architecture
  • System Requirement Analysis
Program Staffing

Program Resourcing

Main Sail’s extensive industry experience and network of highly skilled professionals allow us to understand and address our clients’ specific requirements and find the right candidates to support their unique resourcing needs.

Intelligent Enterprise

Main Sail assists businesses with their Intelligent Enterprise (IE) strategy. IE has enabled companies to virtually address connections that result in enhanced agility, scalability and optimization of business processes. IE allows businesses to combine technology with analytics to generate value in a manner not available on this scale before.

  • IoT – extend internet connectivity beyond what are considered traditional devices to a wide range of devices that utilize embedded technology to communicate and interact with the external environment, all via the Internet.
  • Data Analytics – develop qualitative and quantitative techniques and processes to enhance productivity and business gains. Data is extracted and categorized to identify and analyze behavioral data and patterns, and techniques vary according to each organizational requirement.
  • Blockchain – tap into secure, distributed ledger technologies that can be simultaneously shared and accessed across public and private business networks for smart contracts, financial, supply chain, and identity management solutions.
  • Machine Learning – use the science of getting machines to learn and act in a similar way to humans while also autonomously learning from real-world interactions and sets of teaching data that we feed them.
  • Big Data – process a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that is difficult to manage using traditional database and software techniques.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – lower costs and improve efficiency through automation of business processes and tedious, time-consuming work. Combine RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create intelligent and intuitive solutions to both every day and complex business problems.
IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

Main Sail’s team of IT support specialists can augment our client’s IT staff or fully function as their IT Department. Our IT engineers support all types of networks and servers with prompt 24/7 helpdesk services.

Benefits of our IT Managed Services:

  • A cost-effective solution – support services designed to meet any budget
  • Predictable IT spending – our monthly service level choices offer predictability vs. as-needed time and materials spending
  • Control without aggravation – we take over the responsibility, allowing clients to engage in tasks central to the core mission of the business
  • Peace of mind – clients know their IT is in the hands of experts

Standard services offered:

  • Desktop, laptop, phone, printer, server, and other IT equipment installation
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Microsoft 365 migration
  • System audit and monitoring services
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity
  • Virtual CIO

Customized cloud-based solutions:

We offer custom cloud-based solutions, which provide the following benefits:

  • Lower total cost of ownershipwe lower the cost of installation, maintenance, and support by using a cloud-based approach
  • High securityclients stay up to date with the latest security technology for their business and data
  • Rapidly scalableclients only pay for the capacity that is needed, then scale up to match business growth
  • Minimal or no IT staff supportallows clients to focus on running their operation, not their IT system
Cybersecurity Offerings

Cybersecurity Offerings

Main Sail's Cybersecurity experts provide the following services to help give you peace of mind:

  • Attack Vector Threat Analysis
  • Business Impact and Business Resumption Assessments
  • Cyber Insurance Policy Review
  • Documentation
  • General Products
    • Firewalls
    • Anti-Virus
    • Email Protection
    • EDR and more
  • Incident Response Assessment and Services
  • ITGC Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Pre-Assessments
    • PCI
    • NIST
    • HIPPA
    • SDLC
  • Security Operations Center-As-A-Service
  • Specific Audits - IT, Operations
    • IT general control audits - access controls, program changes, backup and recovery, and system validation.
    • Operational - process efficiency reviews, and system function and processing validation.
  • Supply Chain Risk Analysis
  • Third-Party Risk Analysis
  • User Awareness Training and Programs
  • Virtual CISO

Check out this overview on Cyber Hygiene and then call us today for your no-cost security consultation!

Maintenance Design Analytics

Maintenance Design Analytics

Main Sail is an authorized service provider for PHM Technology’s powerful Maintenance Aware Design Environment (MADe).

MADe is an advanced, model-based decision support solution for complex engineering systems. Its full-service suite supports design optimization, risk analysis, cost estimation, reliability and maintainability studies and more. MADe works by modeling complex systems, functions and flow as engineering block diagrams, with each component and connection representing key attributes and parameters of the system. MADe improves the quality of decision-making at every step of a system’s lifecycle (Bid / Proposal, Acquisition, Design, and Sustainment / Asset Management). Key workflow features include:

Design Optimization

  • Standardized function and failure libraries for ease of use across a distributed workforce
  • Integrated analyses to support engineering decisions
  • Automated validations to verify safety and reliability of design

Reliability Analysis

  • Modelling of failure paths and functional failures to analyze impact across a system
  • Key failure identification to prioritize what needs to be inspected
  • Generation and optimization of maintenance plans to increase efficiency and lower costs

Risk Assessment

  • Variety of comprehensive methodologies available to fit necessary documentation
  • Customizable parameters to fit exact specifications and needs
  • Automated calculation of criticality for clear risk prioritization

Optimize your design. Reduce your risk. Accelerate the decision process. Only with MADe.